This is an activity performed by staff authorized by the law to verify the economic reality of an economic and /or financial operation, based on the research of documents, data and accounting details.
It consists of investigating the economic situation of companies, the reconciliation between the accounting documents and the financial statements and it is often used in civil, criminal or commercial matters.

It is performed in order to establish and explain economic and financial matters indicated by the court (or others) and has the competence to review all the documents, technical, operational and accounting records.

Unlike the financial control, performed by the state institutions, which is a permanent activity, accounting expertise is an occasional activity, which is provided only when is requested by a court and may confirm or deny the findings of a financial control on damages, irregularities, deficiencies, gaps etc.

Our services are:

  • Providing judicial forensic accounting.
  • Providing non-judicial forensic accounting.
  • Patrimonial evaluation of companies.
  • Consolidating trial balances for groups of companies.
  • External accounting reports to foreign partners, suppliers or clients.
  • Verification and certification of the balance sheet.
  • Based on specific requirements.