Consultancy is an activity that aims at optimizing the resources of public and private entities, at the same time, at improving efficiency of the processes, the training, the selection and integration of human and technological resources, according to the specific needs of the economic activity, in order to obtain the highest added value.

We provide integrated solutions of financial consulting and transaction support to a large portfolio of both private and public national and multinational clients.

Our consulting services are focused on how our clients intend to conduct their business in rapidly evolving business environment.

Our services are

  • Tax advice.
  • Preparation of complaints of any kind (against inspection reports, etc.).
  • Advice on currency related regulations, import – export operations, customs code, double taxation, international transactions.
  • Identification of all applicable taxes and contributions.
  • Assistance in fulfilment of tax related obligations.
  • Analysis of taxes, advice on VAT issues, profit or income tax, direct and indirect taxes, payroll tax, social security.
  • Analysis and solving specific issues related to the harmonization with EU legislation.
  • Tax planning.
  • Company set-up, legal and tax issues.
  • Company reorganization (merger, split, change of the legal form).
  • Company acquisition or sale.
  • Tax optimization in case of company liquidation.
  • Optimizing taxation on companies and private properties.
  • Double taxation.
  • Based on specific requirements.