An effective accounting means measurement, evaluation, knowledge, management and control of assets, liabilities and equity, and of the results obtained from the activity of companies or people. To that end we ensure chronological and systematic recording, processing, publishing and archiving of the information on the financial position, financial performance and cash flow, both for internal requirements, and for the interest of the present and potential investors, financial and trade creditors, clients, public institutions and other users.

Our services have been structured to cover the entire need of a company. We are able to take over all the accounting function of a company or just to review, revision and certify of the internal accounting.

Our services are:

  • Advising and organizing the financial and accounting function.
  • Recording transactions.
  • Preparing the trial balance.
  • Preparing, certifying and submitting the annual financial statements.
  • Keeping mandatory accounting records and registers.
  • Calculating taxes, preparing and submitting the tax statements.
  • Dividend tax calculation, statement preparation and submission of declarations.
  • Calculation of the income tax of non-resident individuals and legal entities.
  • Preparation and submission of the VAT return statements and drafting the VAT journals.
  • Consolidating trial balances for groups of companies and their transfer into the balance sheet.
  • Preparation of accounting reports for the use of foreign partners, suppliers or clients.
  • Regular information of the company management on the economic and financial status.
  • Company representation during tax and financial inspections conducted by competent authorities.
  • Obtaining tax-related documents from the competent authorities.
  • Management accounting organization.
  • Analytical records of the clients and suppliers.
  • Fixed assets records, depreciation calculation.
  • Based on specific requirements.