Human resources stand for the people involved in the organization as a resource to create and fulfil its purposes.

Human resources management consists of the functions of selection and recruitment, training and development, performance evaluation, career management, management of salaries, compensation and bonuses and other aspects related to the remuneration system, management of employment contracts and enforcement of the rights of employees.

Our services are:

Human resources management in the accounting profession

  • Selection and recruitment of accountants, auditors and economists for the proper positions in a company.
  • Provision of qualified staff: accountants, auditors and economists for the proper positions in a company.
  • Training of professional accountants, auditors and economists employed by a company.

Payroll services

  • Calculation of monthly salaries and related taxes.
  • Preparation and submission of tax declarations.

Human resources management services

  • Electronic registration of work contracts and associated changes.
  • Keeping the general register of employees.
  • Preparing the salary certificates.
  • Preparing liquidation notes.
  • Consulting on wages and work legislation.
  • Company audit regarding work relations.
  • Assistance in the conclusion of collective work agreements.
  • Assistance in preparing the internal regulations.
  • Assistance in obtaining retirement contributions, health cards and European social security certificates.

Other services on request

  • Based on specific requirements.