About Us


a company specialized in services of accounting, audit and consultancy.
We are also proficient in mergers and acquisitions, human resources, legal services and other business related professional services.


is to use our knowledge for the success of our partners.
We have a practical solution-oriented approach, rapid and effective, intended to optimize any business.
We guarantee confidentiality.


of the business environment is available to our clients, creating advantages and minimizing bureaucracy related issues.
We are one of the most experienced companies in Romania, with over 20 years of experience on the market.


are integrity, knowledge, intelligence, morality, probity and dignity.
We believe that these values are essential to maintaining a healthy society and business environment.


is to make life easier for our clients.
We offer all the services that a business needs to develop and grow.

Our Team

Cont Consulting is a business started in 1994 by two accounting professionals from Brașov, Ioan and Maria Bâscă. Currently, the company counts 14 employees and several partner companies and offices. Below are some details about the people involved in this business:

Ioan Bâscă
  • Economist
  • Chartered accountant
  • Tax consultant
  • Financial auditor
  • Chairman of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants of Romania, branch of Braşov (1996-2000)
  • GM of the Brașov Public Finance Office (2000-2002)
Sorin Bâscă
  • Economist
  • Chartered accountant, ACCA & CCA graduate
  • Tax consultant
  • Financial auditor
  • Human resources inspector
Our team of professionals
  • Accountants
  • Payroll specialists
  • Human Resources specialists
  • Legal advisors

Cont Consulting is also based on a team of committed professionals, determined to provide quality services. Our staff and our partners provide us with the capability to deal with all the special requirements of our clients.

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Our History

The first steps

Cont Consulting started its business in 1994, being founded in Brasov as a family business by two accounting professionals, Ioan and Maria Bâscă.

In those difficult times, Romania had just started to recover after the communist era, and only few could see a future in the private system. But for some people that had the courage to start a business on their own, the emergence of companies helping them to manage the administrative part was most welcomed.

The company grew rapidly and became one of the most famous and appreciated on the market. The reasons, that still underpin these assessments, were seriousness and the reliable advice to the clients, while the business environment was turbulent and dominated by bureaucracy.


In the years that followed, the company ranked among the best on the local market, constantly growing and receiving awards from the Chamber of Commerce or other business associations. Most customers were local.

Cont Consulting reached maturity in the early 2000's, when foreign investors started business in Romania. The need for new methods and the impact of the capitalist business mentality began to influence the working system of the company. The need for qualified staff has positively influenced the recruitment policy of the company.

The arrival of young people, with new ideas and ideals, ensured the progress of the company that currently manages to meet the highest customer requirements.


Our consulting work makes us constantly think about the future. Our desire is to strengthen our position on the local, regional and national markets. This is why we opened a branch in Bucharest and we continue upgrading our company.

We wish to be a close and reliable partner of any private entrepreneur and to further demonstrate our credibility before the public institutions.

We value most those whom invest their own resources and achieve benefits for their companies, partners or shareholders, and also for the community. We believe that helping such business to grow, we help building a solid economy that will have a decisive contribution in creating a healthy and profitable business environment.

Our Objectives

Understanding a business

Our clients range from all economy sectors. Our knowledge has been expanded over the years, and we have now valid information on all the essential aspects of the economic activities. We know from our experience that any business has its own peculiarities, which depend on various aspects such as business partners, management, market type etc.
We adapt our work to each particular aspect of a business. Our services are individually tailored to each company needs, understanding all the representative segments of a company business.

Ensuring stability

In a constantly changing business environment, we believe that a business needs stability to grow. Stability means the sustainability of expenditure, revenue generation and profit making in each business unit, avoiding staff fluctuations and creating a competitive work environment.
Hasty changes can harm even the most profitable business. Every step forward must be sustainable. Together with the managers of our clients, we work to strengthen the business foundation.

Managing risks

It is almost impossible for a company to successfully cope with a growing number of problems, whatever its position or the amount of resources available. The knowledge we have accumulated over time from the work done in many sectors is available to our clients.
The accuracy of reports provided to the management is essential for a meaningful risk assessment. We certify the information provided by the removal of any obstructions caused by the lack of data or errors of interpretation.

Identifying new opportunities

Strengths and weaknesses can be highlighted by a complete business analysis. We provide high accuracy analysis to support the management’s decision-making process.

Assisting decisions

Any decision taken by the management has an impact on the development of business. Our duty is to provide assistance in the decision making process. Our aim is to provide solutions suitable for any particular case, according to all the rules applicable to the business environment.
We believe that any decision must be implemented over time, so we provide assistance in the development of stages to be followed in order to achieve the desired result and to avoid any incidents.

Some of our Clients:

CHR Hansen

Boccard Romania

Ginzler Romania


MSR Technology

Dedienne Roumanie

Fenec Rubber

JTTI Group

Unior Tepid

Smart Tours

STI International

Racordnorm Hydraulik

Our Services

We adapt our work to each particular aspect of a business. Our services are tailored to each company, trying to understand all the representative segments of a business.
We wish to offer a complete set of solutions that a business needs, so that the management can focus solely on its productive part.


Full or partial outsourcing of accounting.
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Forensic accounting

Reconstitution, analysis and expert reports.
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Examination according to international audit standards.
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Specialized consultancy on taxes and duties. Specialized assistance.
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Human Resources

Payroll services, human resources consulting and other related services.
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Assistance in mergers and acquisitions. Preparing the required documents.
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Legal assistance and representation of our clients.
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Other services

Company set up, liquidation, start-up consultancy and other services.
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